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Hello, and welcome to this is 40!

 Conversations with some of the brightest, most exciting, resilient, and very real 40 year olds out there who share the honest truth of turning 40 I'm reds. I'm an entrepreneur and producer living in Paris. I turned 40 recently as it, a whole bunch of my friends. And when I did I asked myself :

What does 40 mean to me?

What does it mean to turn 40 to other people?

I started ask the question to 40 year olds in Paris and then outside, and then around the world.


And soon, a little community of people who turn 40 was born a community who share the commonality in the thrilled of turning 40, but also the challenges of reaching that point, where you're able to assess what you've done before and figure it out if you want to make a change for the future.


If you're not already in our community, join us on Instagram and on Facebook and join me in listening to our guests talk about turning 40 and the gifts that brought them.

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Mrids Palat-Becker