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Call me Mrids!

I’m a former set designer and producer for TV, film and Hollywood productions who also happened to start her first business at age 9 (mom shut that down so I could focus on school).  And so it goes back and forth between business, entrepreneurial and creative projects. 


It's been a blast co-hosting This is 40 and meeting the most amazing inspiring people!  When I'm not podcasting I'm usually knee deep in entrepreneurial projects - the last couple of years have been mostly corporate as the Director of Sales for a boutique consulting firm in NYC, the Founder and CEO of two startups incubated at Columbia University New York that also won numerous awards and represented France in the She Loves Tech Competition for women led startups.

  • I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses on Creative Aligned Strategy- play- strategic vision boarding, being creatively strategic through my platform the Creative Aligned Strategist. 

  • If you're looking for an entrepreneurial sales legup, sign up for my webinar for entrepreneurs: Sales is NOT a dirty word here

  •  As executive coach to management teams at large corporates and a mentor for women led businesses - it  gives me immense joy and happiness to see businesses led by women shining!

  • Social: Founder of the Women in Tech, Paris group.  Join here

  • Undergraduate degree in Tax, a Masters degree in Communications and Media and a Masters degree in Global Business Strategy from Columbia University New York.​

  • Mumbaite, Bangalorean and New Yorker before moving to Cheeseland! (There's another podcast about that coming soon!)

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