About This is 40

40 is so many things; one thing in common is its moment of reckoning. A pause, a reflection. A change of game plan. How do I build the life I want and love - with intention? That, in short is what I started with. 

 And then, of course, there was Covid. 

 March 2020: This was the best time to go deep and ask the questions that had been on my mind for a while:

What does turning 40 mean to me?

What have I achieved so far?

How am I different now from the years before? What do I want for the future?


As it turns out, a lot of our friends in their 40s had asked themselves the very same questions for a while now...

April 2020 : in lock-down in our homes in Paris, was the perfect time to get working on a podcast. The circle soon grew to sharing the stories with friends of friends

and then a whole community globally.


Start a conversation with people who have turned 40, some break the mold, some change their future or questioning the status quo. Whether that means re-evaluating our impact on the environment or improving the quality of life for someone. 

 The most impactful have been those that struggled and those that thrived at 40 knowing that thriving does not equal the absence of failure or challenges, in fact, every successful person will tell you their path has been greatly determined by how they viewed failure, their response to challenges, the resources they drew on that lead to them overcoming  barriers in their unique way. 

That is their secret sauce -  which everyone wants to know more of.


What is 40 to you?

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